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Riaz Hussain

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Riaz Hussain-Pakistan

Riaz Hussain

Chronicler of Pakistan


Riaz Hussain from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, invites us on April 12 to participate at International Street Children Day.

There are 100 miioane of street children in the world.

Being humans we must help them!

International street children day

Those children who have no home and tend to survive on streets, ground and roads.

Riaz Hussain din Rawalpindi, Pakistan- Street children-5

The International Day for Street Children Louder Together was launched on 12th April 2011, to give a louder voice to the millions of street children all around the world so their rights cannot be ignored.

Its main purpose is to create awareness among richest person so that they help the poor street children.

The main theme of this day last year is “we demand a day” because UN organization still failed to announce a day for street children on international level.

Riaz Hussain


All but three countries (those being the USA, Somalia and South Sudan) have signed and ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and have a legal obligation to work towards ensuring that all children’s rights are integrated into national law. It is universally recognized that all children should have these rights realized; however many government policies and practices still do not include street children.

Are there no any rights for those children who live in the street to become a civilized citizen?

Are there no any rights for those children to get education?

Are there no any rights for those children to play on international level?


Why they and there rights are still neglected and ignored..?


Riaz Hussain

Number of street children in the world

There are 100 million street children in the world and there number is increasing day by day.

In Latin America e.g. Brazil, Italy etc. the number of Street Children is 40 million

In India the number is 17 million.

In Kenya the number is .6 million and in Pakistan the number is 1.6 million.

How we help these children :

We may help those children by following steps

Riaz Hussain

Give A Moment

The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Rather than brushing them off to make your way to the next tourist site, spend some time to ask them their names, what they like to do, or their favorite games.

Eat together

If you’ve made a connection with a particular child, dining together is a great way to spend time with someone whilst letting them enjoy a warm meal. Try to eat together in one of the local eateries rather than a fast food chain.

Not only will it be healthier but it will also let the child feel more secure knowing that you are interested in his or her country and culture.

Share Your World

Giving things such as pens, candies or clothes may seem like a great alternative, but it often leads to a whole slew of problems.

Riaz Hussain din Rawalpindi, Pakistan- Street children-4

Play With Pictures

Another great tool is your digital camera. Kids love to ham it up and in my experience, they will often burst into excited shrieks and start making funny faces, flashing “peace signs” or doing group photo ops. If you can, show them the results, and guaranteed you’ll have a ton of kids squealing with excitement and eager to do another round of wacky poses.

Feel the Music

If you’re musically inclined (or in denial of being tone-deaf), try singing a few lines of a global pop song like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” More often than not, you’ll have kid’s belting out the lyrics with an accompanying “moonwalk.”

Riaz Hussain din Rawalpindi, Pakistan- Street children-2

Create a Picture

If you want to leave a part of yourself behind, then how about a postcard of your hometown or a drawing of cities you’ve visited? Not only will you be sharing a part of where you’re from or where you’ve been, but it also provides a great image of the world beyond the slums. You can make it even more personal by writing a few words or do a group drawing session on the postcard.

Teach Each Other

Even if you’re not the artistic type, getting the kids involved in a spontaneous ‘arts and crafts’ session is a great way to get their creative juices flowing.

Small projects such as showing them some cool Origami techniques (or paper airplanes) or making simple bracelets with some string will be a mutually inspiring activity. If you’d like to do something more in-depth, you can also check out an charity organizations that specialize in this field.

Riaz Hussain din Rawalpindi, Pakistan- Street children

Riaz Hussain din Rawalpindi, Pakistan- Street children-3


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