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It’s a fraud operation!

Hachette Livre France has sent false claims on YouTube for copyright on the public domain. They said it was by mistake, but after a month they did not cancel them!

Victor Hugo – Les Misérables – plusieurs volumes” and „Guy de Mupassant – Le Horla„.

Hachette Livre France,

Have you thought before making copyright complaints, especially when you made them on the public domain?
You closed my channel without having copyright to do it. Delete your copyright against me!

You claim that you can’t, that the system is guilty.
But the videos appeare on the Claim Retraction page and all you have to do is click RETRACT!

You have sent me emails, where you say you asked YouTube to cancel your copyright claims, sending them by email to copyright@youtube.com. My guess is that you never did it.
It seems to me that you had only been playing with me all the time, and I wonder how can someone be so arrogant?
At least if you could send me confirmation of the written attempts you made for withdrawals!

But why pay attention to the victim, when you have already won?

The channel „Littérature – Livres Audio AudioBooks” had published audio books from the public domain, but also:
– The Golden Books of the Children of the Earth, made by the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors France / Switzerland,
– audio books with poems that participated in international poetry competitions that brought together writers from all over the world,
– Publications, Literature Reviews, Books, Memories of Literary Life, Chronicles of our correspondents from all continents, Literary Anthologies, Translations …
After closing this channel, the website that contained the libraries with the links of all these videos remains with empty links.

Appeal to YouTube:

YouTube, stop FALSE copyrights!

That’s what Hachette did:

1. To verify copyright, they didn’t buy any software, but they did it by … manual identification! Yes, it’s amazing, but it’s true!

2. After „manual” identification, they didn’t send a simple warning, but directly a legal warning, to close my YouTube channel, without checking if the manual identification was correct!

3. I announced them immediately that my videos were in the public domain, and they had available seven days to prevent the closure of my channel, but they did not do it!

4. Now, after a month, they tell me that Youtube obviously takes time to take into account their cancellation requests and that the processing time on the Youtube side is unfortunately beyond their control …

Even if the YouTube machine still responds in less than 24 hours!

And all this, as if YouTube were guilty in this case …

But let’s see :

– I lost my job for seven years and my subscribers,
– My collaborators lose their written and audio contributions,
– YouTube loses traffic and the trust of its users …

Who wins ? Now, Hachette can sell audio books, after closing the channels that offered them for free …

YouTube will have to react against those who send copyrights „by mistake” to take advantage of it.
Because otherwise, we could all send complaints „by mistake” to close others channels to enjoy, and then blame YouTube.

Thank you for sharing this article!

YouTube, stop FALSE copyrights!

Hachette Livre France, stop FALSE copyrights!



* * *


Hachette withdrew copyright claims on the public domain, and we recovered our channel, but the damages are huge and the consequences are unpleasant, for a very long time:
Lost Videos!
Lost Subscribers!
– The subscribers have retained the links to continue reading, but after a month they find links that do not open and still say: ” unavailable, deleted by Hachette for copyrighteven if the copyright has been removed!

and more

And we have some questions that Hachette did not answer:
Who is responsible for this error?
– What measures have been taken to prevent recurrence of these errors?
How can we protect ourselves from those who make false claims?


YouTube will have to react to those who send „in error” complaints to take advantage of them.
In fact, we could all send complaints „in error” to shut down others’ channels for profit and then blame YouTube!

* * *

A ne pas manquer :

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  1. Hello

    I’ve heard about the issues you have with Hachette Livre France.
    could you be joined by email to explain the situation ?
    I’d like to publish a news about it on http://www.actualitte.com

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